Drug & Alcohol Testing

Phoenix  has qualified staff to perform  Drugs & Alcohol Testing 


 Kellogg Brown & Root Management and Glenda Pastoor (Diamantina Power Station Construction) 


There's no debating that Construction & Mine site security is crucial. A breach in security can have devastating consequences by disrupting production and placing onsite personnel and the surrounding environment, including the general public, in danger. There are numerous security protocols in place at Construction & Mine sites which protect the safety of personnel, machinery and resources.

Our staff are Australian Standards Certified for:

  • Drug & Alcohol testing
  • Gate entry access procedures
  • Vehicle inspections for site
  • Sound testing
  • Visitor inductions
  • Making ID cards for access to site
  • Monitoring confined spaces
  • Inclement weather site notification procedures and over night site security services.

Certain areas of Construction & Mine sites require restricted access such as blast zones, explosives store rooms. Most of our officers have their Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (ASIO) Security Assessment Certificate.

We are always willing to undertake new studies to gain certification for site specific jobs.