Observation, Diplomacy and Professionalism.

While Phoenix Security officers are trained in hand-to-hand defense they are masters in observation – often seeing a problem before it exists. Using advanced diffusion and diplomacy techniques they are able to overcome a threat and maintain absolute security with unmatched professionalism.

Mobile Patrol and Escort Services:

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Cash in Transit 
  • Alarm Response
  • Staff Escort
  • Welfare Checks
  • Key Holder Escorts
  • Open/Closes
  • Let In/Out Services

Crowd Control Services:

  • Special Events (i.e. concert)
  • Private Parties/Events
  • Cash in Transit 

Alarm Response Services:

  • Alarm Responses 24hr
  • Security Patrol Response

Full Range of Security Services Including:

  • Security Services for ATM Repairs
  • Cash in Transit 
  • Loss Prevention (uniformed/plain clothes)
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Gate House (Diamantina Power Station)
  • Construction Sites (Kellogg Brown & Root) KBR
  • Sporting Complexes- Boxing  Football & Basket Ball 
  • Static Security – Officer remains on one site. (i.e. bank guard)
  • Private Parties/Events (Year 12 Graduations)
  • Office Buildings (Mount Isa Court House) 
  • Special Events (Mount Isa Rodeo) Mount Isa Show, Mt Isa Races.
  • Carols by candle light (Buchanan Park)
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